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brat downloads

Current release

The most recent release of brat is v1.3 (Crunchy Frog). We recommend using this version.

After download, please see the installation instructions.

If you have a previous installation of brat, we recommend installing the new version in a separate directory instead of "on top" of the previous version. Multiple installations of brat in different directories can coexist without conflicts on a single server (and even share data if so set up).

All releases

Any release of brat to date can be downloaded below.

Development branch


New versions of brat are relased as our development branch stabilises and we reach specific milestones in our development. If you are eager for the very newest of features (and the bugs that come with any development branch) or you want to develop new features or help us bust bugs you should check out our GitHub repository and check out the main branch. The README.md in the root of the repository has further details if you want to contribute with source code.


As of 2012-11-13, a nightly release is made every night at 03:00 GMT. The nightlies for the last 30 days can be found here.