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running brat

brat runs in your browser, and to use brat on an existing installation, you only need a supported browser — no software or plugin installation is required!

If you have a supported browser, you can find a link to a live demo installation of brat from the brat home page. If you don't yet have a supported browser, you can install one freely and easily from one of the sites linked in the table below.

(if you wish to create a new installation of brat, please see the installation page.)

brat browser support

brat is implemented using standard web technologies and should, in principle, be usable in any standards-compliant browser.

In practice not all browsers currently fully support all aspects of the technologies used to implement visualization and editing in brat. The following table summarizes the current browser support for brat functions.

Browser Visualization Editing
Chrome (Google) on PC/Mac Full Full
Safari (Apple) on PC/Mac Full Full
Firefox (Mozilla) Full Partial
Opera Full Partial
Internet Explorer (Microsoft) version 9 Full Partial
Safari (Apple) on iPad/iPhone Full Partial
Android browser (Google) on Android tablet/phone Full No
Internet Explorer (Microsoft) version < 9 No No

"Visualization" refers to the functionality for viewing existing annotations and navigating in collections, and "Editing" to functionality for changing or removing existing annotations and creating new ones. Editing is only possible on browsers supporting visualization.

Please note the following: